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2010 World Cup Shootout 2010 World Cup Shootout Guide your National Team to the title in 2010 World Cup penalty shoot-out challenge.
2039 Rider 2039 Rider Cruise through the future on your super fast tilty flippy bike, doing flips and unlocking bikes all as fast as you can!
3D Deathrace 3D Deathrace Race and survive a night time ride on your performance motorbike through a dangerous and fast forest. How far into the forest of death can you survive? Denser the trees grow and faster you will ride on a hair raising test of skill.
3D MotorBike Racing 3D MotorBike Racing Throw on a helmet and get ready for some hardcore motorcycle racing! Race against some tough competition on tracks from around the world. See if you have what it takes to be the best rider in 3d Motorbike Racing!
4 Way Pong 4 Way Pong Another version of Pong with 4 paddles. You must protect the four borders from the ball. Gather points and try to make it to level 25.
4 Wheel Madness 4 Wheel Madness Drive your monster-truck over hills of dirt, cars and other things to accomplish the task given.r
5 Miles 2 Go 5 Miles 2 Go Racing type game which the player has to use the drafting technique to win races. Only 5 miles to go in the race... 5 NASCAR cars in the front pack with same speed, some horsepower, are fighting for the lead!! The only way you can take the lead and win is to draft along with other cars.
60 Second Life 60 Second Life You have 60 seconds to live a life 75 years. How will you spend your short time on earth? Will you strive for success, search for love, hang out with your friends or take time for your hobbies?
99 Bricks 99 Bricks Rotate and stack Tetris shapes to build the tallest free-standing tower possible. You have 99 pieces to achieve your goal.
99 Bricks The legend of Garry 99 Bricks The legend of Garry Help Garry on his quest to save the land of Brickonia through 24 levels. Or try to build as high as you can in the classic mode in this epic sequel to 99 Bricks. Use all your building skills in this physics based game to reach the top.
A Midnight Stroll A Midnight Stroll A couple stricken by misfortune while on a quiet walk, or so it seems. Classical platformer that requires some skill and precision.
Achievement Unlocked 2 Achievement Unlocked 2 This is a game about you. Yes you, the player: A lowly blue elephant in a world that has no defining purpose. But you will create a purpose, and that purpose is to do the unthinkable. The extraordinary. The tasks that few have thought to achieve. The world you struggle in pushes back with tremendously nonsensical squares and launchers... coins that pay for things you would only imagine should have been free to begin with. Spikes will be hellbent in causing your demise. This will not be easy. And while the road of purposelessness will be overbearing you will succeed. You know why? Because its your destiny.
Adapt or Die Adapt or Die Use natural selection to breed evolving buzz-bots and battle for control of the hive.
Adorable Baby Doll Adorable Baby Doll dressup the Adorable Baby doll with your own choice of clothes. This cute doll wanted to be dressed up with very funny stylish cute clothes. Come and get into the act of dressing up the Adorable Baby doll with your own creative ideas.
Adrenaline Challenge Adrenaline Challenge Pump up your adrenaline by driving your motor bike through the winding levels in this awesome game.
Adventures of Santa Adventures of Santa Help Santa to collect all gifts on the level and evade all snowmen. Finish levels in the shortest time and get all 15 gold stars!
Aequilibrium Aequilibrium Remove the red objects from the scene but make sure the scale would be balanced after your actions! Good luck!
Afgan Overpass TD Afgan Overpass TD Place your bunkers and tanks in the best spots possible to attack all the enemy forces.
Age of Kingdom Age of Kingdom Building management strategy game, build over 42 buildings, battle across 6 ages using 24 type of soldiers, trade to get some goods and conquer all maps!
Age of War Age of War A battle of the ages. Your in a war against a neighboring nation and the more of their soldiers you defeat the faster you can upgrade the the next age.
Air Battle Air Battle Pilot a flying cannon contraption through 20 levels. Pop the balloons of your enemies and avoid hazards as you make your way to the exit door. Grab coins to increase your score. Move with WASD or the arrow keys. Aim and shoot with the mouse.
Air Defence 2 Air Defence 2 Defend your tower as you shoot down your enemies and earn money to build helping artillery.
Air Hockey Air Hockey Play air hockey using the mouse and try to defeat 10 rivals in this great game. Take control and try to score more goals than your opponent, the faster you score the more points you rack up.
Air Transporter Air Transporter Physics-based helicopter simulation game where you will have to complete various tasks like building towers, quenching (or starting) fires and battling against tanks in wartime.
Alice is Dead Alice is Dead Explore the world and grab items for your inventory as you use them to progress through the game.
Alien Attack Game Alien Attack Game Defend the galaxy from the alien onslaught by maneuvering your spaceship and destroying the invading creatures. Eliminate the invaders as fast as possible
Alien Game Alien Game Go up and away take the Alien to Freedom, you can take his soul but you cant take his freedom.
Alien Mayhem Alien Mayhem Space State XII has reported some strange happenings. You are investigating the reports just as you are attacked by aliens. Its up to you to stop the aliens before they take over the world!
Alien Rescue Alien Rescue There is life on Mars and its needs your help.
Alien Shooter Alien Shooter Shoot as many aliens as you can without getting shot.
Alien Slayer Alien Slayer Aliens are trying to take over the earth and you are our last line of defense! Slay all the aliens and their eggs before they populate earth.
Alien Terminator Alien Terminator Terminate all the nasty bugs, just keep moving and clicking.
AlienRoll AlienRoll Roll the aliens to the green area to complete a level in this physics removal game! Make all the right moves to create a path for the aliens!
All Rabbits Must Die All Rabbits Must Die Aim and shoot the physics people to knock down the rabbits in each level. Remove them from the screen or destroy their energy!
All We Need Is Brain All We Need Is Brain A unique puzzle game where you must strategically place brains to lure the zombies to their death. Zombies can move even very heavy rocks.
Alpha and Omega Alpha and Omega Nice flash music game!
Alphabet Shoot Alphabet Shoot Cannon type of physics game where you will have to hold and release various keys in your keyboard to launch the characters to their mate with the same size as they are.
Alphabet Shoot 2 Alphabet Shoot 2 Use the mouse to set the trajectory and hit the correct keys to launch the letters on their way. Have fun!
American Bus American Bus Use arrow keys to drive the bus. Press space bar to brake. Park at the highlighted spot. Do not run over people! Dont bang into other cars, you will lose a life.
Angel Power Racing Angel Power Racing Nice graphic cartoon racing! Collect coins as you evade the obstacles!
Angelina And Brad Kissing Angelina And Brad Kissing Make Brad Pitt kiss Angelina Jolie until the kissing status bar gets completed. But, while kissing each other, it should be done in a way such that the kids Zoharra and Maddox shouldnt notice the kissing action. If the kids notice the kissing action, the game gets over.
Angry Bee Angry Bee Another great physics puzzler where you will have to get rid of the yellow honeycombs in every single level - 20 to complete the game. Have fun!
Angry Mario Angry Mario It seems like Mario is changing his style lately on how to fight his enemies. Launch Marios out of the cannon and try to hit the castles and demolish them.
Angry Old Wizard Angry Old Wizard Collect all capsules and defeat all the ghosts!
Animal Link 1 Animal Link 1 This is a good game. Connect pairs of matching tiles by creating a path between them. Clear all the tiles before the time runs out.
Animal Shelter Animal Shelter Find new homes for all the cuddly critters in your care! Use your mouse to select animals and whether to give them food, medicine, play with them, or look at their information. Click the icons on the bottom of the screen to open the menus for advertising, shopping, your inbox, and your agenda. Keep all the animals happy and advertise them to get them adopted. Dont forget to select your language in the upper left corner.
Anime Character Generator Anime Character Generator A useful tool to create female anime-themed characters.
Anime Fighting Jam Wing Anime Fighting Jam Wing Fight the enemies as you select from a group of popular animie characters.
Anime Joe Dress up Anime Joe Dress up Anime Joe Dress up.
Anime Smash Anime Smash Fight against the computer or watch the computer fight itself. Select from 3 difficulty settings.
Annie and Marks Adventure Annie and Marks Adventure Remove the red blocks in the right time to make Annie and Mark get together in this fun little physics game! Enjoy these 10 levels!
Appliances Run Amuck Appliances Run Amuck Household appliances have taken over the world. Renegade appliances are working to destroy what civilization remains. You must defend civilization and take back the renegades greatest resource: their plugs. You will need to endure a gauntlet of tasks to save the world, avoid renegade appliances and watch out also for oil spills.
Arcanorum Arcanorum Fly around in this physics-based game using your mouse. Crush your enemies by swinging the ship of yours.
Archerland Archerland The aim of the game is to build your town and do not let your castle to be conquered. Roll over on the castle to see its health line. When the health line is empty your town is conquered end the game is over. Good luck!
Arctic Defense Arctic Defense Defend your igloo as you place your shooters and direct them what to fire at. Gets hard quickly!
Arcuz Arcuz Roam this great looking RPG world as you talk to fellow travelers and start fights with enemies.
Arise 4 Arise 4 In this part of the series, you have a gun! And theres even a Boss at the end with different skills! We wanted to change the style a bit.
Arkanoid Arkanoid Destroy the barriers with your orb.
Arm Wrestle My Ego Arm Wrestle My Ego As fast as possible to arm wrestle the guy. Play arm wrestling against a video-recorded opponent.
Armed Prophet Armed Prophet Mechanical beings from the future are attacking, the undead is rising and aliens are also getting in on the act. Do you have what it takes to brawl your way through all 3 of these threats and save the world?
Armed With Wings Armed With Wings Travel through the land to destroy the person who destroyed the rebel army to justice by solving puzzles and fighting enemies in this action platformer. Use your well-trained bird to scout areas, distract enemies and overcome obstacles. Good Luck!!
Armed with Wings 3 Armed with Wings 3 The world is now in silence, gone is the empire and the few villages that exist do so in peace. In the absence of the Gods, a great evil slowly plagues the earth. Embark on a great journey, armed with your eagle, you must stop this growing network of darkness.
Armor Games Defense Armor Games Defense Setup turrets and defend your castle on multiple levels. Prepare for multiple enemy pathways.
Army Assault Army Assault Take out all the incoming soldiers, and tanks attacking the base. Upgrade your weapons as you go.
Artillery Defense Artillery Defense Place ground and air specific turrets to defend against the airborne and ground enemy attacks.
Ashes 2 Ashes Zombie Cricket Ashes 2 Ashes Zombie Cricket Hit the cricket ball just right to hit the waves of attacking zombies. Go for headshots and upgrade.
Assembler Assembler Move and stack shapes in this Box2D physics game. The green objects need to match up with the green outlines.
Assembler 2 Assembler 2 A 25-level sequel to Assembler. Your task is to get the green shapes into position as quickly as you can.
Assembler 3 Assembler 3 Arrange objects and match green shapes with the colored outlines in another installment of Assembler. Includes a level editor.
Assembler 4 Assembler 4 The fourth installment of Assembler. Once again, you must arrange shapes so that green pieces match up with the green outlines.
Astrae Bellum Astrae Bellum This is a strategy game set in a mix between Greco-Roman mythology and an ethereal, deep atmosphere. As a divinity, conquer stars to build up your mana and unleash powerful spells on your enemy. You have two ways to win a battle: draw more constellations than your opponent, or simply annihilate him!
Astrobase Defense Astrobase Defense Place your turrets a specific distance away from each other. This alone makes many levels hard.
Atom Heart Atom Heart Race your motor bike over all different types of obstacles while you try to collect as much energy as possible to zap all of those unwanted evil zombies. Try and perform some awesome stuns in the air when you go over the jumps just to rack up some extra points along the way.
ATV Offroad Thunder ATV Offroad Thunder Gear up and choose your favorite four wheel death machine to race in wild areas while performing extreme stunts! Use the arrow keys to drive, number keys for stunts, and dont forget to press the space bar to jump off ramps to gain massive air!
ATV Stunt ATV Stunt Pick your favorite ATV and start race while you perform stunt through all of the obstacles trying to complete all of the levels without crashing.
ATV Tag Race ATV Tag Race In ATV Tag Race, you get to hop on a quad and hit the mountains. Finish all the levels and gather as many items as you can!
Aubital Aubital Steer the ball home. You can move the boxes and stuff around. Pure physics!
AutoTanks AutoTanks Outfit your AutoTanks with upgraded armor and weapontry, plot their path, and send them on their way, avoiding enemy sentries and other units. If you are interested in creating and sharing levels, sign up for an account on Thanks for playing!
Autumn Bike Ride Autumn Bike Ride Ride your bike over the hills and over vehicles. Reach checkpoints and keep from crashing.
Avatar World Coloring Avatar World Coloring Avatar movie took us to a world beyong our imagination where Navi lives in piece with their mother nature. It is now your turn to use your full imagination potential and to color the nature all around Neytiri.
Axis of Evil Axis of Evil Build up your base and structures as you put your soldiers on patrol. Dont be destroyed!
Babestation Babestation Increase in charm, strength, and smarts as you talk to the babes. Win their hearts to win the game.
Babies Dress Up Babies Dress Up These two cute babies are very much busy playing with their toys, so they never let their mom to dress them up. Can you help their mom by dress them up? From the main menu choose whom you like the most to dress up and you can come back to main menu to dress up the other.
Baby Hospital Baby Hospital Take care of the babies as you put them in their cribs, feed and bath them. Can you keep up?
Back To School Fashion Back To School Fashion Summer is over and its time to go back to school! Who says you cant look cute though! Choose from your favorite uniforms or cute outfits and bags. Dont let those pesky boys get in your way.
Back2Back Back2Back Back2Back is an arcade strategy game, which delivers a full range of action experience, fusing a classic defense gameplay
Bad Birds Bad Birds Your objective in this Lemmings like online game is to help the bad birds escape from the jail by utilizing up to nine different jobs including: Diggers, Miners, Floaters and Bridge Builders.
Balance Balance Grow weights and drop them on either side of the scale to balance it. Each level gives you a limited number of weights to work with.
Balance Fury Balance Fury Drop blocks on the platform and try to keep them from falling off. How many blocks can you balance?
Balance Game Balance Game Use the little blue ball to manipulate the blue block so it would eventually land in the green area. Have fun in this balancing game.
Balance Of Power Balance Of Power Move your pieces as you try to defeat blue. 1 player with computer or 2 player at the same keyboard.
Balantris Balantris Physics-based tetris game where youll have to place as many blocks as possible below the red line and keep the platform balanced.
Balloon Pets Balloon Pets Try to pop the balloons to bring down the cats and dogs. You must fall them to the right box. Have fun!
Balloon Town Balloon Town Welcome to Balloon Town, a place where you manage population of balloons, make them happy, breed, work and fight bad boys!
Balls Balls Try to stay inside the blue square as long as you can.
Barbarian Barbarian Select your character and beat all other barbarians!
Barbeque Grillin Barbeque Grillin You have invited your best friends on your boat to enjoy a lovely day out, during the sale your going to host a BBQ party, choose the right outfit for your little BBQ party. Use your mouse to click on the different items to cycle through them. Have fun!
Barbie Makeover Magic Barbie Makeover Magic Barbie needs a hot new look, some cool makeup and a fashionable hairdo. You are her stylist for today and shes relying on what you could do to make her dream come true!
Bards Apprentice Bards Apprentice This is my attempt to create a classic turn based RPG game. I think using music instruments to cast spell is a much less used idea than magic books and scrolls. And you get to hear some melody while using them too. :D Whenever you see an instrument lying around, get it quickly, it will make your fights much easier.
Barricade Barricade Stop the falling bombs from passing through, build barricades to help.

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